Nathan Lackie

I’m a 18 year old high school student who has an interest in technology, programming, and mathematics. 


I am fluent in multiple different programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScipt, CSS, Python, Java, and C#.


I’ve helped run multiple different workshops at multiple different schools. Such as a robotics workshop, a coding workshop, and a retro arcade workshop


I can wire up and program electronics using batteries, motors, micro-controllers, lights, etc.

Geometry Coding

After finishing my assigned self paced math early, I began working on coding my own geometry lessons as an alternative.

Solar Water Bot

I made a solar powered machine which automatically watered a plant when its soil became dry.

Raspberry Pi

I’ve learned how to format an SD card to have Raspbian (the operating system used by the Raspberry Pi Microcomputer). I’ve leaned to make python scripts, and integrate software with hardware on a breadboard.

Contact me
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Send an email to me and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

work in progress

This website is currently under development. Expect bugs and changes to occur. If you have any questions or feedback, tell me in the “Contact me” section at the bottom of the home page.