Unit 4: Chapter 19

A very important part of marketing is the means used to communicate with the customer. While marketing as a whole is meant to improve the appearance of your business, sales is the process of directly talking to customers about the benefits of your product or service. A sales force is a group of people who talk directly to customers in order to get them to give you business. The sales force should be friendly, as it helps customers build a relationship with your business. It also allows for customers to be advertised to personally. Customers can voice their concerns about the product or service to the sales person, and they can give more information.

There are many traits that make a good salesperson. Sales people should be positive people, as then people will associate positivity with yout business. They should be good listeners, as customers will feel heard. They should be persistent, and shouldn’t give up until they have a sale. And they should be truthful, no one likes being lied to. Above all else, sales people should represent your business positively. Anything a sales person says or does will represent your business, so make sure to choose your sales people wisely.

It is important to research potential customers before attempting to sell to them. This will allow for a strategy to be made, as every customer is different. This will also allow you to weed out customers who will be a waste of time to try and sell to. Any information about who you plan to sell to can help you. The job of sales people is to connect with the customer and close a sale, and proper research can make this job much easier.

During the sales call, the sales people should be professional. They should show up on time, and build trust in the business. The sales people should ask questions as well as the customers. Any doubts the customer has on the product or service should be alleviated. Last but not least, when the sale is closed, the customer should be asked to commit. This works best if done indirectly. You want to make sure your customer is convinced and ready to buy.

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