Unit 4: Chapter 20

In order to get people to buy your product or service, they have to know about it first. Promotion is a type of marketing with the goal to raise awareness of your product and convince customers to make a purchase. It’s important to educate the customer with promotion, if the customer is confused, or doesn’t know what to do fo next after reading promotional material they’re interested in, the promotion has failed its purpose. Promotional material should direct your customers to where to buy your product, and where to go to answer any questions they might have (like your company website).

There are many factors that contribute to successful promotional material. First, it must grab the customer’s attention, or else they are likely to pass over it. Next, you must make sure that the promotional material is interesting, you don’t want the customer to lose interest halfway through reading it. You must also make sure that the promotional material makes your product or service look desirable, make the customer feel like they need your it. Finally, give your customers a next step after reading the promotional material. This next step should ideally lead them to eventually buying your product or service.

There are many types of promotion, and each serves a different purpose. Advertising is one of the most common, and it’s a publicly displayed message paid for by your company. Visual merchandising is where or how your products are placed. An example of this is an arrangement of fruit in a store. Public relations is making your company look good in the eyes of consumers, so they will want to spend money on your product. Publicity is promotion that your company is not associated with, such as word of mouth from person to person. Finally, sales is directly selling the product to the consumer, usually done by a salesperson. Promotion is an important part of any business, and ensures that customers know about your business.

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