Unit 2: Chapter 6

Sales is an important part of business, as it’s how you get people to actually buy your products. A good salesperson is very charismatic and is able to sell the benefits of any product or service. Sales experience is extremely important in entrepreneurship, as you know what sells. As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly selling not only your products but also your business. An entrepreneur needs to sell to customers, bankers, employees, and other business owners. As a salesperson and entrepreneur, you need to be knowledgeable about your market and your product. Knowing what to say and how to sell is crucial to being successful in business.

A very important part of being a good salesperson is your physical presence. Depending on who you’re selling to, this can vary. You need to be professional, typically well dressed, and be approachable. You want the people you’re selling to to feel comfortable speaking with you, and you want to be able to convince them of what you’re saying. If you’re selling to a business, you’ll typically want to be very formal, while if you’re selling to a customer, you may choose to be more casual.

You’ll want to prepare a sales pitch ahead of time. This will allow you to be prepared for what you’re going to say, and overall just be more confident. However, you don’t want to just read off a script, you need to be enthusiastic. You also need to respond to the person you’re talking to, and make your pitch engaging. You’ll need to know a lot about what you’re selling, and be prepared to answer any questions they may ask. You’ll also want to research who you’re selling to, and how you’re going to approach them. Your goal is to make the person you’re selling to aware of what you’re selling, make them want to buy what you’re selling, and make them want to buy it from your business.

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