The Components of a Website

This week I am doing something different from my typical textbook blog. I’ve been hard at work on the DireLights website. I have also been working on a website for Happytime Preschool, which is in Pismo Beach. In this blog post, I wanna go over the different aspects that go into making and hosting a website. There is a lot to learn when it comes to creating and managing websites, but it is a very useful skill to have, especially in business

All websites are hosted on servers. A server is a computer that has all the files of the website, and sends them to people who want to access it. The easiest way to get a webserver up and running is to rent a cloud server. This is a monthly fee, and all the hard work is done for you. A server is hosted by a company, and you don’t have to manage having a physical computer. Customer support is available to help you if anything goes wrong. You are able to remote access the controls to your webserver, as well as the files and command line.

The files that are hosted on your webserver control how the website actually works. At it’s most basic level, websites are made using programming languages called HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML controls the general layout of elements on the page. CSS controls the color, styling, positioning, etc. of these HTML elements. JavaScript controls the logic and interaction of elements on the page. You can host HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files directly on your webserver, creating a website. Most websites also use PHP, which allows you to interface this HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with other components of your website. 

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the very basic building blocks of a website, very few websites consist of only these three languages. Many websites choose to use frameworks instead of manually building a website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A common framework is WordPress, which is typically used for making blog websites. WordPress is very powerful, and allows you to create expansive responsive websites without any manual coding. Another popular framework is ReactJS, which is used for making interactive user interfaces (UI), most often in Web Applications. The current DireLights website is running on a DigitalOcean cloud webserver, and is running the latest version of wordpress. I am working on the redesign which I will manually make in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as it will give me more control and will be faster. 

work in progress

This website is currently under development. Expect bugs and changes to occur. If you have any questions or feedback, tell me in the “Contact me” section at the bottom of the home page.