Senior Defense

Senior defense is coming up, and I’m getting to look back at all the projects I’ve done over my years at New Tech, and how they relate to my major. I am going to major in Computer Science, and hopefully find a career in that area. I chose my artifacts based on which taught me the most about Computer Science. 

The first artifact I chose was my Math Clicker game, which is a browser based clicker game. I chose this artifact because I really pushed myself by making the styling of this game look nice. This project taught me a lot about CSS and web styling, skills I’m currently using in the DireLights redesign. This project taught me about responsive web design and color palettes.

The next artifact I chose was my Easter Island game, which is a 3D exploration game made in Unity. This project taught me a lot about how math can be used in computer science and game development. If you’re curious about some of the math I used in this game, I have a blog post titled “Senior Defense and Procedural Terrain Generation” which goes into greater depth. This project also was where I learned how to use Unity, and grew greater skills in 3D modeling.

The final artifact I chose was the DireLights website. I learned a lot from the DireLights website, including how to set up an ECommerce site for a business, how to set up and manage wordpress, how to create and manage a web server, and more. I put this as my last artifact, because I see this project as a combination of all the skills I’ve learned at New Tech.

I plan to organize my Senior Defense by walking through these artifacts and showing what I’ve taken away from each. This will show what I’ve really taken away from my time at CCNTH, and why I’m ready to move on to College and a future career.

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