Freshman Year Projects

This is me


       In the This Is Me project, we had to research our family history and genetics. The photo above shows my family pedigree. When researching my family’s generics, I recorded if my family members had dark eyes or light eyes. Because I had Spanish class, I had to write my relation to each person in Spanish. There is a legend in the bottom left which shows what each symbol means. The red shapes represent light eyes, and the purple shapes represent dark eyes. When looking at this pedigree, you can see how the eye color trait is passed down through the generations. For this project, we were able to chose between eye color, hitchhikers thumb, and widows peak. I chose eye color, as it was the most interesting to me. Overall, I learned a lot from this project, as it taught me my about my family’s genetics.

El Folleto de Viaje


       In the El Folleto de Viaje project, I had to research and plan a vacation to a Spanish speaking country. I was given a budget of six thousand dollars, and I chose to plan a trip to Quito, Ecuador. This helped me learn how to plan a trip, as well as some Spanish vocabulary. At the end of the project, I made a brochure online, which I then printed out. It describes the hotels, the activities, the transport, the history, and the restaurants, in complete Spanish. The project guidelines allowed us to plan any trip to any Spanish Speaking country.

World War I

World Studies

     The WWI project rationale and overview was to learn more about the war, and to learn how to put up an exhibit. WWI matters because it has had lasting effects on technology and ideas which are still relevant today. Things can be learned from the war so it is not repeated. Images can be used to tell a story that matters by shocking people, or showing emotion. The images have to be sequenced so a clear story is visible.

     Our WWI exhibit looked like a tent that the soldiers would sleep in. The artifacts helped people become immersed that they were seeing things from the time period, as actual food was laid out for a model, and papers were old and weathered.
     I learned a lot about WWI, more specifically, I learned about the experiences the people who were on and near the eastern front went through in their lives. The SWLOs I was most successful in were Agency, Collaboration, and Knowledge and Thinking.

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