Managing a large workload is always a challenge. This year, I have more work to do than ever, and less time to do it. A couple months ago, I started working at the Vons grocery store in Grover Beach. This has drastically cut down on my free time, as at times I’m working upwards of […]

Senior Defense

Senior defense is coming up, and I’m getting to look back at all the projects I’ve done over my years at New Tech, and how they relate to my major. I am going to major in Computer Science, and hopefully find a career in that area. I chose my artifacts based on which taught me […]

The Components of a Website

This week I am doing something different from my typical textbook blog. I’ve been hard at work on the DireLights website. I have also been working on a website for Happytime Preschool, which is in Pismo Beach. In this blog post, I wanna go over the different aspects that go into making and hosting a […]

Unit 3: Chapter 8

In a business, it’s extremely important to keep track of how much money you are making, and how much you are spending. This will allow you to keep track of your net profit, as well as the different places your money is going. As a quick refresher, net profit is the amount of money you […]

Unit 3: Chapter 7

Owning a business isn’t free, there are constant costs to keep your business running. The larger your business, the greater these costs. Owning a business is a constant struggle for your business to make more money than it costs to run. The most fundamental factor in ensuring that your business makes more money than it […]

Unit 2: Chapter 6

Sales is an important part of business, as it’s how you get people to actually buy your products. A good salesperson is very charismatic and is able to sell the benefits of any product or service. Sales experience is extremely important in entrepreneurship, as you know what sells. As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly selling not […]

Unit 2: Chapter 5

A marketing mix is the next step, after market research, in the process of starting a business. Conducting market research gives you information about your market, and the marketing mix is how your business specifically applies the information to effectively market your product or service. Having a good marketing mix is key to the success […]

Unit 2: Chapter 4

In my last blog post, I touched briefly on the topic of market research. In order to understand market research, it’s important to first understand what a market is. A market, in simplest terms, is the group a business sells to. For example, a company that sells toys would have a market of mostly children. […]

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